How To Deal With the Modern Day Pressures to be a ‘Boss’


Incase you haven’t opened a social media app in 2019, everyone who’s ‘”anyone” has popped their self-appointed position as CEO in their bio.

We all know that we’re now living in a social-commerce driven world but it’s fair to say that the new wave of online work in being a brand owner has gone to a larger extreme than most of us could have predicted. It seems that the majority of influencers have a career plan to one day launch their own brand, and the everyday person on the gram is linking to some online store that they are professing they are the owner of.

So why is there this new currency is being a brand owner in such a saturated market? Is success today only given to those that have CEO to their name?

Without getting into the sustainable and ethical implication of fast-fashion brands becoming more and more popularised to create by using services such as AliExpress and Alibaba, the effects this surge of void use of CEO titles on our mental heath is enough to bare.

Now, to be a university student doesn’t feel like enough. To have a 9-5 job that is providing a healthy salary for you to have the lifestyle you desire isn’t hard enough work. If you don’t have the role of a boss (even if the business in question is not actually a viable or profitable business, by the way) then you may as well hang your hat on trying to be a successful working person in 2020.

To stop this wash of modern day boss-hood from spoiling your sense of personal achievement a recognition of the careers that are incredibly challenging, worthwhile and fulfilling can be created. What jobs out there do you think are amazing that maybe don’t tick the box of the insta-CEO but do mark real life dedication, intelligence and passion?

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