Here’s How To Be Involved in the Climate Strike

This Friday the 20th September 2019, a global climate change strike will take place and this is how you can be involved in it.

Started by Greta Thurnberg, climate strikes on small to large scales have taken place in the past couple of years. Predominantly actioned by students, the strikes have called for systematic change in order to save their future. This Friday (the 20th September 2019) is going to see the largest climate strike with people of all ages across the globe taking part.


There will be two climate change strikes occurring which are designed to coincide with an emergency climate action summit held at the United Nations New York on September 23rd (2019).


On the Global Climate Strike website there are all places and vicinities closest to your location so that you can be sure to find the nearest protest to you.


It’s crucial that a diverse range of ages and locations take part in the climate strike. Whilst the future will fall on the youth, it’s imperative that adults take action in the protests to represent the action that is required of those in power today making decisions that will impact our future generations.

To encourage as many people as possible to join, be sure to share on social media and provide links to the Global Climate Strike website.